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1- Don’t ask for specific host or size (i will give you the best)

2- You are free to tell me about the Quality you need

3- Don’t ask for another request before your first request was finished

4- Don’t ask twice for the same request

5- All requests will processed respectively

6- Give me IMDB link for movies to make it easy

7- No more TV Shows in request page

8- I am not a robot so give me some rest

9- Please Mention Your request with Quality And Size Its Important

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  1. pritam says

    Basanta bilap Bengali film 1972

  2. pritam says

    basanta bilap bengali film hd print duration 1hr 57 min Basanata Bilap (1973)
    117 min

  3. pritam says

    Thanks admin…
    i have one more request.
    satyajit ray ‘chiriyakhana’ Bengali full movie in hd rip 1967 film duration 121 min.

  4. বিকাশ says

    সব ভুতুড়ে মুভি আপলোড করেন

  5. Sharan says

    Bro Please Upload Kayhan Turkish Full movie Any Size

  6. pritam says

    aiyyaa Hindi full movie 2012 hdrip duration 146 min….

  7. Harsha says

    I can not download any movie in your site its starts occur some days ago. How can i download movie plz help me.

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